What is Mastering?

Mastering is part of the post-production process: as with mixing, it’s used to give your track the final adjustments and get it ready for a good quality release. Mastering involves actions such as improving the stereo width, adding ambience and providing good linear equalization. Properly compressing, limiting and dithering are also important.

How does it work?

I offer a mastering service for digital tracks. Once I’m done with the job, I’ll send back your tracks in high quality MP3 (320kbps) and CD Quality WAV formats.

What to send and needed information:

File format:
96000kHz – 24-bit – NO Dithering, WAV file.

– Real name
– Artist name
– List of tracks with titles
– E-Mail address to be in touch for any reason and to return masters to

Info and costs

For more info and costs, please read this PDF document.

Send your request:

Please click here to send me a Mastering request and discuss the details.