What’s Daze?

Founded by Dario Lupo, Daze is the name of his record label and the hub for his recording projects.

About Dario

Dario Lupo is a musician from Salerno, Italy, presently based in Berlin, Germany.
He creates ambient, downtempo music driven by huge reverb as Chasing Dreams, Need a Name and Katahimikan:

  • Chasing Dreams‘ music is made of slow, nostalgic compositions with a focus on field recordings, acoustic instruments, effected guitars,
    and mellow soundscapes.
  • Need a Name is based on deep, electronic sound design marked by synths, arpeggios, glitchy beats and evolving sequences.
  • Katahimikan: an ambient/drone project. It’s based on the sampling of his own music.

You can listen to each project on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud. Check this page for more info.

Dario is a self-contained, independent artist. He enjoys creating all of his work and releasing most of its respective attributes including the composition, artwork, promotion, recording, mixing and mastering on his own. In addition to making music, he also creates software instruments and effects, and provide services such as mastering, music licensing and digital artwork.