Who's Dario?

Dario Lupo (born October 24, 1987) is an Italian composer and producer who writes electronic and ambient music.

Over the past decade, he has published music with many different pseudonyms such as Need a Name, Chasing Dreams and Katahimikan.

In 2019, Dario started releasing music solely with his true name.

His musical style has an electronic backbone with acoustic and cinematic influences. It's predominantly easy-listening — at times groovy, experimental, or completely meditative.

Where to listen?

My music is available on many streaming platforms and Bandcamp. The easiest way to find it is by clicking here.

What's Daze?

Founded by myself, Daze is the name of my record label and the hub for my recording projects. All the music I independently release is published by Daze.

Dario Lupo - Daze Logo Black
Dario Lupo - Daze Logo White

And here's a couple pictures of me

Dario Lupo - Press Photo
Dario Lupo - Press Photo